Well here’s the site:

It’s got guides for areas in Maryland that don’t have a proper or complete approach/name/grade beta.  It’s mostly bouldering info, as both Indy’s Guide and his web page do a good job covering the routes.  If you think there’s a route (or bouldering) area worth covering in a mini-guide, drop a comment below!

If you’ve got a mini guide you want posted, just make sure it meets these requirements:

  • It’s free and/or your original work
  • It doesn’t endlessly reference previously mentioned areas/problems/routes.  It should be easy to find any climb based on its description or those adjacent to it. (all guides will be reviewed for redundancy by The Department of Redundancy Department).
    • For example, do not put “this climb starts next to climb x” when climb x is described as starting “next to climb y”.
  • It’s gotta have pics.

With all that said, enjoy your climbing!

Also, take a look at these sites for some bouldering at Harpers Ferry and Northwest Branch.


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  1. there are quite a few problems in the patapsco valley state park along with some top rope lines in the park. ive been doing a couple myself. Havent really seen anything on them anywhere yet

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