Played out

This blog was spun up to spread some better beta for the tiny areas in central MD. It’s built up a better collection of free Maryland guides than you’re likely to find elsewhere, but… there hasn’t been a new guide posted since April 2013.   woof.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the west coast, Mountain Project’s less helpful here than it is there, and no matter where you are,’s a better forum site than climbing resource. The work required to put out good beta on those two is why this site is here. Turns out the joke’s on me; mini-guides aren’t easier.

New Site:


CliffCloud‘s been in the works for a while, but it’s finally at a point where it can handle some use. Here’s the gist:

  • It’s built so that climbing developers can put out good beta fast. Everyone benefits.
  • Contributing is (somewhat) limited
    • If you’re itching to contribute, email and you’ll get set up as an area developer. Eventually it’ll be open to anyone.
  • Make a profile!
    • Log in with Google; CliffCloud only gets the info a visitor would see on your Google+ profile, nothing sensitive.
    • You’ll be able to start building climb collections right away
      • tick lists, sent routes, area classics, rainy day routes  — anything
    • If you’ve got videos, add their links to the climbs. Nobody wants to read beta; videos are the best medium for beta.
  • The site’s mobile friendly!
    • With a charged phone, you’ll have a guide at the crag. For free!

MDGuides will still be here, just inactive (barring user submitted guides). Put your new stuff on CliffCloud!

Check out some other MD climbing blogs too: Blue Ridge Climbing, Robin’s Blog, Harper’s Ferry Climbing, Indy’s Underground Guide, and Patapsco Rock.


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