A couple updates


So far just one new problem in the last couple months: it’s a link-up from the start of the Ro-Fo Project, through The Jam, to The Guillotine, which itself is a direct finish of Welcome to Jamrock. Or just overlay the boulder with this and follow the red line.

Once the author's back from the future, he can explain it

In all seriousness though, the line looks really nice, and who says links ups are no good?

The Sykesville Monster V8:

Keeping tabs on the place, looks like there are still 3 4 lines waiting to be done

  • Ro-Fo project
  • Pearls Before Swine project
  • Eviction project
  • Fat Man SDS

The Acre

There’s been some cool stuff here too.

and other videos at Robin’s YouTube page.

Site Stuff

The video section of the site’s gonna go soon. Google will get you a lot more than what would probably be a forever-incomplete compilation here.

If you’ve got a local area that you’ve enjoyed and want to open up to other people, rough sketches and suggestions are plenty to get the word out.


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