Balcony Junior

The Balcony Junior guide is up!  But, before you download it and run out, take a second to read the access issues; there isn’t much.

Parking can be difficult here.  As the guide touches on, there is a parking lot that serves as a school bus turnaround on the week days.  There is only a small area to park here,  once you find it (at the end of the small town of Sandy Hook) just remember the picture below.

balcony parking directions

Parking anywhere else could get you towed on weekdays or ticketed on weekends. Also, there’s not restricted or limited access right now, but where resources are scarce, in this case parking, is where access issues come from. Be smart and climb safe!

And now for the download link: Balcony Junior MDGuide

If you’re interested, the Harpers Ferry section of mountain project lists a couple other parking areas that could be useful to know in case the spots are taken at the turnaround.


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