Routes are coming!


Update 11/15/13: The guide’s out and posted here!

The title sums it up: the first routes mini-guide is coming.  So far, this blog has been catering to the crash pad denizens, but it’s time to expand!

If you’ve tapped out Carderock, Rocks State Park, and Annapolis Rocks, Balcony Jr should give you some new terrain!  Here it is:

It’s (kind of) divided into two sections: one, with sport routes on very featured rock, and the other, mostly trad routes with gear gobbling horizontals.

One thing to point out is that there are sport routes here, which, if you’ve tried to find bolts to clip in maryland, you probably know that sport routes are few and far between.

The guide’s about finished and should be posted within the week; keep your eyes peeled!

And don’t forget to look back once you clip the anchors!


2 thoughts on “Routes are coming!

    • I’ve climbed here a few times. I can tell you the sport routes are on the chossy wall in the photo. I think there are about 4 bolted lines. From right to left they get progressively more difficult. The one on the right is a 5.7 and it’s short maybe 30 feet. When you start to move left I think there is one around 5.9, an easy 5.10-, a harder 5.10+, and a soft 5.11. Bring a helmet!!!!! SERIOUSLY. I saw a guy get hit with a small football sized rock. He was wearing a helmet so he was fine but it dropped him to his knees. I have no doubt it would have been fatal if he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

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