Murray Hill Mini Guide

There was a post about this place a while back, but it’s finally here!  If you’re in the Columbia area, this is the perfect after-work bouldering location.

Right now, there’s some tall grass under the powerlines, so if you’re not a fan of walking through a few hundred feet of grass, just wait till winter;  it’s just around the corner!

There are 8 boulders in total, some better than others, but for being a local area, it’s definitely worth checking out.

The oulders to the north of the river

The North Boulders

Now for the climbing:  The boulders are split by a river, leaving 6 on the south side and two on the North.  Parking for the North boulders is a bit more tricky and if you’re interested, it’s not too difficult to figure out on Google maps.

The South Boulders

The South Boulders

The South boulders are easier to get to and offer more climbing.  There are a couple projects:

One on the South Boulder

Attempting The Full Value Project

Full Value Project

And two on the Aquaman Boulder (there’s now a platform below the Platform Project)

Aquaman Projects

Platform and Aquaman Projects (with the platform visible)

If you’re not out for the projects, there are plenty of problems for almost anyone.   Here’s a video from Robin’s Bouldering Page for a few moderates:

And here’s the guide: Murray Hill Mini Guide

Enjoy it!


8 thoughts on “Murray Hill Mini Guide

  1. Anyone interested,

    My name is Grant and I just moved to Maryland from Montana. I have been bouldering a lot by myself at Levitation, Murray Hill, Northwest Branch and am looking to go out with some folks. My email is, if you are interested in climbing. Cheers.

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