Levitation Version 2!

Some serious work has gone into Levitation since the last guide went out: the three hardest problems are new, and a there’s a party-trick dyno that you’d expect  only at a comp.

Jamie Neilson working through some of the earlier moves on the Fat Man Project

Here are a few of the new problems:

Projects Sends on Levitation Proper

The Dyno

A New Jam Boulder Problem

If you end up climbing, or have climbed any problems at Levitation, drop your 2 cents on the grading page!  It should help get accurate grades established for the area.

Right now, there are 4 projects at Levitation:

  • Fat Man Project on the jam boulder
  • Ro-Fo project just right of the Fat Man
  • The newly listed Eviction Project on Upper Levitation
  • The easiest of all, The Pearls Before Swine project on Levitation Proper

If you tick any of them off, leave a comment with the grade and name; maybe even add a video link!

Click here for the download: Levitation Mini Guide Version 2


Harpers Ferry

One of the larger, if not the largest, climbing areas in Maryland is Harpers Ferry.  Known for it’s moderate, sometimes loose traditional routes, it has not developed a proper reputation.

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With two mountainsides nearly covered in boulders and riverside bouldering peppered across the banks, this is not a place to overlook if you’re trying to get some good bouldering in.  (And it’s got some good routes too, but that guide will come later)

A few local climbers have put up a range of boulder problems ranging from v-easy to near double digit problems.  A resonable number of those climbs are featured in the videos below:

For all of these bouldering problems, there’s a great, well-put-together guide from Conrad at the Harpers Ferry Blog!

Here’s the download: THE_HF_BOULDERING_GUIDE

Levitation Grades

Here’s a shot at getting some consesus grading for local areas.  Hopefully, it will be a little more reliable and accurate than the typical word-of-mouth grades!