Levitation Update

It looks like there’s been some progress at Levitation, so it’s probably time to update it!

If you’ve been to levitation lately, please leave a comment with any info you might have on the climbs there:

  • Grades and Names of any finished projects
  • Updated/corrected grades of any climbs there
  • Links to any Levitation videos
  • Your name if you want (first ascentionist names might go in the new guide)



3 thoughts on “Levitation Update

  1. Hey I really enjoy that someone is compiling all of the climbing in MD into mini guides! Hopefully get all of these gym rats in the woods where we all belong! haha. Anyway I’ve been out to Levitation twice since I heard about the area and would love to give my input in order to start a consensus on the problems out there. I truly believe that consensus grading is the best way to achieve a relative grade in which most can relate. So far I have been on: Sparkly spots (v4/v5), Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (v3/v4), The Jam (v2/v3), Flapper Gasted (v4), Fat man – left (V4), Fat man – right (v6). I also, on my second trip, established 2 new lines on the Jam boulder. Both lines start low on The Jam and move into seam that trends out right in middle of face. “Welcome to Jamrock” (v6) continues to follow seam to link up with Flapper Gasted’s top out on corner. “The Guillotine” (v7) moves straight up from seam once you are at juggy holds half way; top out is scary and potentially dangerous but sick nasty! The grades I have given are only what I reason from my experience. I would love to see a grade poll portion of this site, much like Chet Roy does for local PA climbing spots on Chetroy.com. Consensus grading I feel is the only way to incorporate everyone’s experience of a particular problem. Congrats on finding such a beautiful area and stay outside as much as possible!


  2. Smitty,

    Thanks for all the beta! it’s really cool to see people putting effort into the area. I put up a grading page; hopefully, it’ll get some good attention! I’m putting together the guide now, and i’m just waiting on grades and names for some of the routes on the Mulligan boulder. Have you been on anything there? Glad to hear you’re enjoying the area!

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