Levitation Mini Guide

Mini Guide #1:  Levitation Rock

It’s north of 70 and just off of 32.  There aren’t a ton of lines, but the climbing is all top quality.  If you’re looking for recommendations, drop your pad under The Jam, Sparkly Spots, and/or Mulligan Flash.  Check out these videos from Jon Alexander and Robin Close for an idea of what to expect from the main boulder:


Below: A climber on the Jam Boulder’s Fat Man Project


Below: Upper Levitation in all its steepness

Problems pictured: Sparkly Spots and Snail Trail

ACCESS ISSUES:  You need to hike near the train tracks to get here, and rumor has it that CSX is cracking down on people who are caught on the tracks.  Avoid getting ticketed: Stay well off the tracks.  Also, College Road runs above the boulders; however, the neighbors don’t take kindly to people parking on their road and the only time we did it, we got towed.  In addition to all that, the boulders are within a few hundred feet of “the neighbors” and it’s not clear as to where the boulders are property wise, so it’s probably best to keep it down -unless of course, you’re on the send.

With all that said, parking at the public park and approaching as mentioned in the directions has not turned up any problems as long as you stay off the tracks and don’t get too rowdy at the boulders.  Happy climbing!

Here’s the link to the Levitation Mini Guide!

5/4/12 Update:  We have a wild, new line on Upper Levitation that will be going in the guide in the next week or so: Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow